3 Keys to a High Performing Dealership - Part Two

by Anne Salemo

Bob Clements spoke at the Joint South Equipment Dealers Association Annual Meeting in Charleston a few weeks ago. He talked about the three keys to a high performing dealership/distributorship: well-defined processes, a plan for growth, and high...

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Prices Rise for Used Equipment Sales

by James Stoneham

It’s been almost two years since the US equipment boom that gifted many farmers with impressive deals on late model equipment. Now it seems the well has run dry. As demands continue to exceed supply, the costs of selling and renting used...

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3 Digital Marketing Tips to Update Your Sales Process

by Betsy Chase

If you’re not using digital marketing in your sales process by now you’re already behind. Roughly 90% of top performing salespeople use social selling to set goals and meet objectives. And with the seemingly endless addition of new profiles to...

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CRM Can Save Time & Increase Sales

by James Stoneham

Sales managers have to consider two main questions when making any decision for their business. The first is how can they save time. How can sales managers find new ways to innovate the process by which they reach, communicate with, and build...

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