Prevent Increasing Expenses Due to Shrinking  Profits

by Tracy Goodman

“While it’s clear that North American farm equipment dealers have work to do to shore up profits, much of which needs to focus on the expense side, they have improved some areas of their operation. The most noticeable is the reduction in ...

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Making a List and Checking it Twice:

by Melissa Amen

Ten Actions to Prepare for a Healthy New Year

Garry Bartecki, financial advisor to the equipment industry and founder of Dealer-Rental Success LLC, shared with dealers his go-to assessment checklist of assets, people and data to take the...

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How to Plan for Succession

by Anne Salemo

In a recent study published by, it would appear that more and more dealer-principals are retiring in the next 5 years. This figure aligns with data that suggests 75% of people holding this job title are ages 51 and over. If you...

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EMV chip cards: What dealerships need to know

by Charter Software

It’s official--EMV chip cards have flooded the credit card industry. According to Visa, a whopping 97% of overall U.S payment volume in March 2018 was on EMV Cards.

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